Mission in the Changing Youth Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Michael Sallu


Missiologists agree that contextualization is necessary in communicating the gospel in a different culture. However, when thinking of culture, many still view Africa in its traditional, precolonial cultural position. This perception impacts contextualization strategies. For example, one of the websites that promotes the Africa Study Bible indicates, “Hundreds of millions of Africans know and love Christ. However, most biblical resources come from a Western perspective—cultures far removed from the reality of life in Africa. In order to help meet this urgent need, the Africa Study Bible was created” (Oasis International, 2020). There is no doubt that this contextualized Bible is useful. However, is the African culture of today actually far removed from Western culture? This article proposes that a number of recent studies suggest sub-Saharan Africa is no longer traditional in culture. In light of the realities of urban, African youth, what is the best way forward regarding contextual engagement for mission?