Communicating the Gospel: How Much Knowledge of Jesus Is Enough Knowledge for Salvation?


  • Larry Caldwell


The article will begin with a brief overview of a few evangelical writers who have written about salvation but have not addressed the question of minimums. Following this overview, since salvation is linked directly to the theological concept of conversion, the article will continue with a brief analysis of conversion in the book of Acts in order to arrive at a basic biblical understanding of the minimal amount of Jesus knowledge required for salvation. Acts has been selected because of the diversity of the conversions found there as well as the different cultural contexts in which those conversions take place. This analysis will be followed by an examination of the act of conversion itself—as point, process or some combination thereof—and how one’s understanding of conversion may influence views concerning the amount of Jesus knowledge required for salvation. Finally, based on the preceding analysis, some of the basic Jesus knowledge elements that are necessary for a Recommended Salvation Allowance will be put forth.