Missional Creativity: Communicating God’s Mission through the Creative Process


  • Eric Robinson


The Bible opens with these words: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” At the start of the biblical witness, we learn that God is the creator, and that creativity is inherent to the nature of God. Created in God’s image (Genesis 1:28), human beings are also called to the exercise of creativity. Humans do not create ex nihilo but are called to take the raw materials of the earth, including physical materials as well intellectual resources of the world, and refashion these in innovative and creative ways. When considered in light of God’s mission in the world, the call to create takes on a new level of spiritual and missional importance. This essay will seek to expand our understanding about the importance and practice of creativity in the life and calling of the believer, communicating the reality of God's mission in and through the creative process.